Why Music Together®

  Hi--I'm David Palomo, founder and director of Music Together Summit.  In this video you can see the 3 "Why's" that made me decide to be a Music Together teacher and share The Joy of Family Music® with families here in the Akron-Canton-Medina area. When I went to my first teacher training in 2007, 3 things jumped out at me in the demo classes and literally changed my life.  Here they are:

  1. Each child in the class (and in the video) was engaged in the verbal vocal system, each at their own level of development
  2. Each child was engaged in their motor skills, each at their own level of development
  3. Most of all, each child was engaged emotionally--not just from the way the music made them feel, but they were also sharing little moments of emotional connection with their parents.

It was so clear: where else can a parent go and have these 3 vital domains of early childhood development engaged in a single activity?  And let's not forget that the Music Together program also helps children lay the foundation for being life-long music makers, making music from the inside out.

If you're a working parent looking for ways to make your time with your child the best possible quality, here's a way to have fun with your child, support their vocal and motor development and support your emotional bond with them.  All while you help them lay the foundation to be a music maker!

 If you're a stay at home parent, you'll find Music Together helping you find new ways to journey through each day with your child--as the mom in the video says, it's a living sound track to carry you through your day from wake up to bed time.

Come find out what it's all about!  Visit a class and meet our Music Together Family!

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