Winter Class Options

Due to the COVID pandemic, we're offering 3 options for our classes in 2021.

  1. Online Zoom Classes.  These classes run 30 minutes, once a week with a supplemental 15 minute recorded class posted on a Facebook group page for the class and on our website.  These are like in-person classes in that you attend with your group once a week at the appointed time.
  2. Pre-recorded classes.  Families with older children and and significant remote learning commitments can choose this option and have pre-recorded classes that they can access any time. There will be 2 segments per week, each segment 20-25 minutes.
  3. Live And Remote.  When the Ohio Public Health Advisory System is at Level 2 or lower, we will meet in person in a large (38' x 24') room in our Fairlawn location.  Class size will be limited to 8, adults and children over 2 years old will be wearing masks.  Ohio Public Health Advisory System is at Level 3 or higher, we will switch to Zoom classes. 

In addition, when in-person classes meet in the Fairlawn Studio, we will have an IQ Air HealthPro Plus air filter in the room along with a fan.

Please Contact Us with any questions.