What Parents Are Saying

By far the best music program we’ve ever had in our Shaw JCC Early Childhood Program. David Palomo and his staff really understand how young children learn and how to make music a vital part of a young child’s development. Lori Bernstein, Early Childhood Education Director, Shaw Jewish Community Center

Lori Bernstein

Music Together Summit has been wonderful for our daughter Zoe. She looks forward to it every week and it's a great time to take a break on a busy Saturday and spend time having fun and being silly together. She loves the CDs and sings the songs throughout the week, and we're definitely seeing the developmental benefits as well. Dr. Catherine Melver, Akron Children’s Hospital. 

Catherine Melver

Ellie loves music class and the songs are a part of life every day for us! If you can believe it, Ellie did not speak a word until the beginning of 2013 when she was 2 years and 8 months old....this is about the time she started music class. I swear to my husband that this is a big part of what brought her out of her shell!!

Jessica Rowan

The baby was 9 months when we began last summer. She's now 20 months and filling in one or two words in each line of our favorite Music Together® songs and is making a few title requests on her own. It's as if she's been storing up all the lyrics for a year and is now surprising us by singing the words to some we haven't listened to in months. To hear my kids spontaneously begin singing a Music Together song while playing, creating their own song lyrics and rhythms and music from non-musical objects makes me really happy. The quality of the music is unmatched by any other children's music collection. My family loves the Music Together selections. They are the soundtrack of their childhood. Thank you!

Anita Wilson

Our daughter (and 7 month old son) are responding so well to Music Together and Teacher David's music class. She looks forward to class every week and we are seeing our son reach for musical instruments at home and "singing" when we sing.

Kodie Keller

My grandson has changed so much since the first class. He has blossomed under the warmth and energy generated. I am impressed with Teacher David's ability to “grow with the flow” of the children while at the same time staying with the purpose of the song. I cannot say enough about his enthusiasm and expertise. He makes every child feel special.

Elaine Young

I'd like my daughter to have this program in her life from now on! We enjoy singing together both in class and at home. I'm so glad I discovered this program! There aren't many quality activities for parents to do with their babies. I didn't realize my daughter would respond so strongly to music.

Sharon Kaye